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Anonymous Divide And Conquer

I'm tired of being a slave, and working hard to break FREE from their monetary system keeps all of us enslaved!!! working on living on very little money or without MONEY!!!

What the dumbo zombie politicians don't get, is that once Congress becomes a cipher and the Judiciary a cipher, we are left as a nation with a dictatorship couched in polite terminology, called the "Executive branch". The Constitution and Bill of Rights was a monumental human achievement, which allowed unparalleled freedom and prosperity for about 200 years. Then, someone or some group got the bright idea that the Constitution should be either modified or done away with. The result is today that nearly 93,000,000 American workers are not in the labor force. The Executive has exclusive authority with the resulting loss of every imaginable freedom. The United States, once highly regarded as a beacon of freedom, is now on its way to the dustbin of history, having changed itself into 'Babylon the Great', the empty, forsaken commercial worldwide empire.

Machiavelli came up with a 3 branch model government system of checks and balances that eliminated oligarchy and created a broad based middle class republic. Its in his work the Discorsi. Madison, Adams, Ben Franklin, and Hamilton were influenced by his work.

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