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ANONYMOUS - The British Monarchy EXPOSED - Full Length Anonymous Documentary

Think of it this way, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Not Royal Army though. It goes back centuries. Everything is monarchy in the Kindom. That won't change no one cares whether it does or does not. Including most of them. Point is you wouldn't have everything Royal if the head of the Royal had no power. Just wouldn't happen.

Nearly everything the british msm the BBC puts out is lies or made up news, sky is just as bad. E ruthing they seem to talk of is in the past, some of them are very nice and good natured (they can't help who is in charge of them,like anyone) They fervently hate America, most won't show it. But they see their decline as our fault. And as we beat them, twice,we are the nation of vitriol for them. Some actually try to act like they should be able to tell us what to do? Honestly I heard this talk there. Also they (BBC) tells them that they have the best army in the world, you will hear this on the media there. Also according to them they have the best navy, airforce, police force, lawyers, every part of a modern country they are the best at it. I kid you not.

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