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Going Off The Grid will soon become a Luxury

Documentary: Offline is the new luxury (VPRO backlight)


To be online all the time and everywhere. It sounds great, but it has its drawbacks. As digital networks are closing in, there are fewer places to be really on your own. Being offline is becoming a luxury. Where can you be offline? We are connected to the internet even inour bedrooms. It’s the ambition of companies like Google and Facebook toconnect the entire world, so that we can be online all the time and everywhere.This month, Google will send balloons up into the skies over Sri Lanka toprovide the island state with free Wi-Fi. On the ground, more and more devicescommunicate through the so-called Internet-of-Things. We are going to be ‘glasscitizens’ in a transparent house, connected for life to a wireless intravenousdrip and traced anywhere via our smartphones. What does it mean, this shift to100 percent connectibility of the entire planet? A small but growing group of people is saying goodbye to lifetime connectibility. They are researching ways to keep control. What can we learn from them about life in the digital era? With: Paul Frissen (political scientist), Sherry Turkle (psychologist MIT), Evgeny Morozov (internet critic) and Birgitta Jonsdottir (hacker & founder Pirate Party)

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