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Will Gladio B False Flag attacks be blamed on ISIS as terrorists return to Europe from Middle East?

 Tony Gosling on @PressTV
CIA was established, after NATO was established, uh, NATO together with the CIA they created this paramilitary units uh, covert paramilitary units uh around the world, mainly in Europe, uh some in the Middle East, um, to basically counter the Soviet Union and the spread of communism as an ideology.
So the role of these paramilitary units, funded, directed, managed, armed by the CIA and NATO was, during these years, in Europe and elsewhere, were to create terror events. You know, blow up bombs, um, gun down people, set, let’s say a shopping centre on fire, and then blame it on the communist net-communist networks. And they did hundreds of such operations. There are several good books from historians who have documented these false flag terror events, terror events that were created, implemented, brought about by the CIA/NATO’s paramilitary units within Eastern Europe, in Italy, and in Italy they were very big, but the biggest nation that they had the biggest units, we just had its own also office inside the Pentagon was in Turkey, and that’s where I’m from! (chuckle!) – the Turkish arm of the Gladio network.
So, they did all this and you’d think that once the Soviet Union dissolved in 1990-1991, the operation would have been basically shut down, because this was against communism so-called. That’s the uh basically the competition between the two superpowers, not per se the communism as ideology, it was the fight for the dominance – global dominance. But they didn’t shut it down.
They switched that and they changed the operation from – the original operation to Operation B, Gladio Operation B.
SE: Starting in 1995-1996, and these are paramilitary NATO and CIA units in central Asia, in Caucasus, in Middle East and in North Africa, utilizing these units, paramilitary units under fanatic Islam labels and title and terror organization names and have them basically create terror events in that part of the world. For example they have, and this is Gladio Operation B, they have Chechen networks, and they have had these units trained inside Turkey, and this is the mid-1990’s and it still continues today, and they arm them and they set up operational guidelines with targets to let’s say blow up a school or a movie theatre somewhere in Russia whether it is Moscow or St. Petersburg or elsewhere. Or let’s say somewhere in Georgia or Azerbaijan. Same thing with what you see in other parts of the Middle East.
So that is Operation Gladio turned into a different operation, the same modus operandi of creating false flag events synthetically created terror units as Islamic units that would create these terror events thus the chaos associated with it, thus the justification for NATO, CIA, US military intervention in the Middle East today, but with the goal of having more of these events taking us further into previously Russian territories. If you look at the ultimate nations that we will be seeing more and more it will be in places such as Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and basically closing further and further towards Russia because when they do create these events as consequences provides the pretext to interfere and go inside those nations, for example Azerbaijan is now becoming a NATO member, we have a large base in Azerbaijan, anyone can go and look at a map and see how close it is to Russia and Georgia is another candidate to become a NATO member......

A new report says around a third of foreign terrorists who went to Syria and Iraq have returned to Europe and some of them may have orders to conduct attacks.
A report seen by France-Presse news agency, warns about those who return home on specific missions, adding that some European women and children could also pose a security threat as they may have been radicalized during their time with Daesh. It also noted that the returnees were keeping in touch with Daesh in the Middle East via social media. EU counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove is set to present the report to the bloc’s interior ministers on Friday.

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