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Trump vs FED; He May Acomplish Unbelievable Things - Nicholas Green Interview

Our friend and partner Nicholas Green is back to discuss Trump's positive effects on the US Economy including a massive profit potential trade revealed for free in this interview. Don't forget to checkout for more excellent advice on trading & profiting with this big shift in markets after the election.

01:45 Why Stock Market Record Highs & Gold Going Down
05:00 Conflict between Federal Reserve & Trump
05:30 Gold's Pullback; why down when Debt will go Up
07:00 Dollar Index Rising Only due to world instability
08:00 Trump's Proposals very Bullish for US Economy
10:00 Big World Economic impact of a Strong Dollar
11:00 Profiting from a Trump Presidency; Real Estate
13:45 Privative Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac for 600-2k% Return
14:30 Potential profits for American Taxpayer
19:15 Rising rates wouldn't have impact on this
22:20 Infrastructure to create more demand for oil & mining
23:30 Gold & Silver can do well with inflation
25:30 Conclusion; Get more from Nicholas & FMT Advisory

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