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Trump picks Goldman Sachs president to head National Economic Council

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was for the third stop for President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank you” tour. He used it to stump for the state's Republican Senate candidate, who faces a runoff on Saturday. Also, the Trump team announced that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) is the choice for secretary of the interior and that Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn will head the National Economic Council.

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  1. alex the global media is after you, no matter what the trump connection is, you should not let them close infowars. people should help you, and whatever you said true or false real or fake. they should not close you. people should make up their own minds about you, not institutions dictating what infowars is or is not. so protect alex jones folks... for your own freedom.


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