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Trump Is Great For Real Estate! | Jason Hartman

 Jason Hartman has a unique perspective on the coming Trump Administration. Because Trump is a real estate mogul and has vowed to eliminate the hated Dodd Frank law, Jason believes this will free-up hundreds of billions in funds that have been sitting on the sidelines just waiting for an excuse to be invested in real estate. Dodd-Frank kept a huge number of investors from putting money into the market and now they'll all come rushing into it. Jason believes it's going to be yuuuuge!

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  1. not really is perfect timing when is you who understand the timing. remember the scorpion on the back of the toad. 1917 is also 1967, de Gaulle return to the gold standard, Vietnam, liberty ship, Egypt. is also 1947, India Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, reason why de Gaulle is the solution what he wanted for Israel, for the economy and the end of nato. follow his will and all shall be arranged.


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