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I never understand why the banks lend money to the governments that was made out of thin air. If the banks could create money out of thin air, why couldn't the government do the same? Why allow a small group of people to lend you money that you can print yourself, and then keep you in their control? What's the point? Nobody ever explains this HUGE logical fallacy.

Why can't we fix this? What is wrong with people? We're too busy debating over race, gays, and terrorists. We're too busy watching television shows, or playing our video games. I'm not saying these issues aren't important, or that we shouldn't entertain ourselves. We just can't break out of this loop. If anyone ever projects their views on this matter, we're look upon as crazy conspiracy theorists no better than flat-earthers, while they dismiss anything you've said. It's a shame. In order to fix society we have to regain control, however no one wants to actually combat the issue out of fear of exile from society. It's truly depressing. I don't know about you guys, but I'd be willing to give up my way of life in order to establish true change. I just wish the majority of others would be willing to do the same. We can't go at it alone.

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