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The Obama Legacy

 A look back at the REAL Barak Obama tells a story much different from what the public in general believes him to be, but people will be judged by what they chose to believe. The real Obama reveals someone who is Satanic and evil to the core, apparently involved in land and money deals, robbing the American people, a secret space program including a jump room to Mars and time travel, and further was gay and of course lied about it. Further there is evidence from the reverse speech on several occasions that he revered and worshipped Satan, or may even have been the embodiment of Satan. The clear hand footage however takes the prize as I have challenged anyone to find any footage or cause of this anomaly, or repeat the effect in any shooting conditions. I believe this is exactly where the legend of vampires being translucent in a mirror comes from, but it may be a strong indwelling of a demon, which being in the demonic realm or dimension somehow affects how photons from a projected image are seen.

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