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The Calm Before The Storm, Be Prepared For The Elite's Next Phase

 US Government uses 100 million from taxpayer money to spy on the same taxpayers. US Government will now be asking all foreign travelers to reveal all social media they are using, next step they will ask Americans. UN votes that Israel's settlements are illegal. US sanctions Russian TempBank. Russia sends police into Aleppo to keep control of the area. The corporate media and the US Government trying to convince the world that the people in Aleppo are suffering more now that it is liberated. The market place suspect has been shot and killed in Italy. This is calm before the major storm, and the storm is coming.

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  1. trump is just a tool, as every other president has being in america exception only once, kennedy, unfortunately the second rate elites killed him. however he is back strangely but these superior elites decided to act almost 53 years later surprisingly so is over for israel and the fake dollar kissinger nixon blend: $ i wonder why they took 53 years to react ??


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