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RED ALERT: Dark Days Ahead - The NEW WORLD ORDER Just Created A National Propaganda Department

Really there HAVE been propaganda departments for years. it is surely being ramped up though.
CNN ABC NBC CBC CBS and BBC have all been around for ages!

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  1. The AIPAC Trojan horses.. in action, forget history, first you must understand how it works, a hint go to Egypt and look at the pyramid then look at the built once you have done that do not look at the zenith just the lowest base, and realize that the pyramid is the support, not the zenith. History has one path only; the following is already written as you go to the top of the pyramid to obtain a better view. you will find that to partake an enhanced view the performing lens is on its bottom. Without the pharaoh; there is no mosses, as without William the conqueror there is no king Arthur.
    Trump Kerry Hillary Kissinger Bush Obama is all the same however on animal farm the land of the slave home of the insane, the animals believe otherwise, remember some are more equal than others. the reality is that Washington as intellect is a dust bin, once the planet realizes that the affairs of the world demand intelligence not these AIPAC holy empire, badly inform, badly educated and pretentious humans that today function no different than a dinosaur 252.000 years ago, the planet will get nowhere but it will experience a rerun of his last extinction 252.000 thousand years ago, if the planet hopes to continue its existence and evolve Washington has to be considered out of all diplomatic and intellectual decisions. otherwise humans will in fact shall find themselves close to extinction in the very near future.


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