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Operation Mop Up Is Now Under Way

 Brian Williams who lied to the American people (fake news) is now going after fake news. Hillary emerges and is going after fake news, this is about censorship. Senate passes bill to go after Russian propaganda and fake news. California passes bill to setup safe zones for illegals.Japan passes the TTIP, do they know something we don't? South Korea's president has been impeached. The US will be sending 1500 soldiers to Afghanistan. Spain is sending 300 to Iraq. Turkey passing law which will give Erdogan more power. Erdogan sends 9000 soldiers into Syria. The US coalition forces hit the IS oil convoy, operation mop up is underway. Obama easing restriction so terrorist in Syria can receive advanced weapons. House introduces bill to stop the arming and funding of terrorists. Obama instructs a full review of the non existent cyber attack on the election system.

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