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Obama's Last Attempt To Push The UN Arms Trade Treaty, Be Prepared For An Event

The corporate media, US Government is still pushing the Russian hacking of the election system, there is now evidence to support this. The entire goal is to get the electors on board to invalidate the elections. Harvard Professor says he has enough electors to stop the election. Obama is now pushing the UN Arms Trade Treaty one last time, be prepared for a major event. NY Time CEO is looking for ways to censor fake news, one plan is to use labels like on food. The US has lost the upper hand in Syria. They are reporting about atrocities to the people in Aleppo but these were inflicted on the people by the terrorists. US funneled weapons into Syria to support the terrorist groups. The US is now defending the terrorists and their actions in Syria. The US is secretly giving the terrorist in Palmyra advanced weapons like MANPADs to shoot down Russian and Syrian jets.

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