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Massive Attack Against Trump Exposed

 Alex Jones breaks down former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s comments that Trump may not keep promise to “drain the swamp" as Gingrich admits he was wrong a day after Jones called out his lies. There is a nationwide attack taking place on Trump and the rise of nationalism, and freedom loving Americans have to combat the lies and manipulations being pushed by the mainstream media and the alligators of DC.

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  1. well TRUMP is the front page of AIPAC what do you expect from a puppet president alex, were do you think you are on a republic a nation boy is animal farm certified as a FACT, only mindless animals, as the human is no longer there is gone away, just the pigs that run the land are now your closes friends and your master. better read orwell's again alex jones looks you did not understood what was all about.

  2. is not alex jones, he is just confuse and does not understand the global brainwashing the AIPAC media has on most citizens worldwide, trump is a joker a puppet chosen by AIPAC the aim is greater israel, and trump hopes by creating these muslims wars and by being friends with putin it will work, it won't, in fact is global civil terrorism the future of these aipac holy roman empire hopes.

    1. israel holds nearly all leaders in their hands as they can / will murder, trump has a difficult to impossible task, success??, % of success??, no leader dares to out right state the german ww2 "story is a fake as presented, churchill / fdr / eiesnhower / bush / clinton / obama all are far and away greater criminals than germany is / was no comparison, usa the greatest destroyer / murderer of all done so at the behest of the zionist aminals thus trump must find an acceptable level....he will be murdered if he does not allow israel / non jew elites some success, it is a delicate balance and in the safe behind the lines, comfortable bloated pay / ego / arrogant / mostly emotional misfits are not squelched / crushed, on occasion "taken out"in the media,, if these useless fakes do not report understanding, mediation, compromise, [which they both have not the skills nor the "guts", remove them as they harm a degree these misfits feeding lies by distortions / omission to an emotional public that cannot grasp that there exists nowhere 100% truth...100% lies, they should become the public's source of ongoing more or less life long education.

  3. vert well presented, thank you Alex....keep on tucking, point


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