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MAJOR PREDICTION - 2017 Economic Collapse Warning

Major Economic Collapse Breaking News, According to the BBC Online, the Venezuelan government has just announced it will remove and void the country's highest-denomination banknote from circulation within 72 hours to combat alleged contraband. Venezuelan Central bank data suggests there are more than six billion 100-bolivar notes in circulation, making up almost 50 percent or half of all currency.Venezuelans will have 10 days from Wednesday to exchange the notes for coins and new, higher-value bills. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro said the move would stop gangs hoarding the notes. But in India, a similar move to scrap high-value bank notes last month has caused major civil disruption. A global financial war is declared on regular poor citizen, the central bank around the world can not maintain the excessive amount of free money e.g. Quantitative Easing in circulation afloat anymore without facing uncontrollable hyperinflation, the collapse of global fiat currency is accelerating as a free fall speed, the developing countries such as India, Venezuela and others will try to mandatory decrease its money supply by various aggressive methods, the E.U. and the United States of America soon will follow those foot steps, people need to prepare for a major financial reset in the near future, it could happen next year early spring right after the presidential inauguration. Stay Frosty and Take Care Everyone!! Here is the link for more information on Venezuela pulls highest-value banknote 'to strike against mafia'

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