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How They Succeeded to Control The World

I cannot believe how many people just sit there, believing whatever bullshit the government feeds you. CNN is owned by the CIA. The Rothschilds & the Rockefellers own the bulk of the world's wealth. The Rothschilds own a private bank in every country in the world with the exception of Iraq & N. Korea. Our tax dollars? Straight to the Rothschilds. 

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  1. The American citizens lost big; these are the math Hillary 35%, trump 35 %, but Jill stein only 3% therefore if the Americans would have chosen Jill 2016 they would have to be 97 % "the majority", but they decided to lose so 35 % chose trump, and the 70% don't want trump, same scenario for Hillary 35 % want Hillary but 75% don't want Hillary, so who won. the establishment who lose you the people. so, welcome to a divided America ruled by the established ruling elites. And hope someone will unite America again in the future. you see is called divide to conquer and since only 35% loves trump and hates Hillary, 35% loves Hillary but hates trump: the ruling class turns the TV on and enjoy how the trump red shirts fight against the Hillary blue shirts until they die. the result is they the elites enjoy the show, while you the citi-zen suffer, and main media gets stronger, fascism takes place and police state becomes a fact.


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