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Goldman Sachs Continues to RULE THE WORLD in Every Country! Here are Some Examples

Every 8 years the debt cycles causes another crash it isn't some secret. 99, 2007-8, 2016-7 The leader of the Fed is a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE so of course if you want to change things you start by AUDITING THE FED. When a crash happened the people with the foresight to see it coming moved their cash. the FED makes interest rates low and prints money so people will reinvest. The smart people take their money they secured before the crash and Short everything. It is not so much "they rule the world" they just know how to play the game Created in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created by the Government. Also if you followed this guys advice in 2011 you would be bankrupt because it was just before the largest bull market in history.

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  1. you do not know what is going on, you know the pace of what is going on, the reality is: is over for trump: america trump, jill hillary anyone, america is gone no way back neither for wall street main media alternative media any media you like. is over for washington, now is just readjustment. the future is something you shall find out.


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