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Germany: No evidence to prove Frankfurter Allgemeine Russian cyber-attack allegations - govt

 Interior Ministry spokesperson Johannes Dimroth commented on possible cyber-attacks and targeted misinformation during the 2017 German elections, at a press conference in Berlin, on Monday. This follows the allegations that Russia is behind the publication of more than 2400 secret files from the NSA investigation committee of the Bundestag.

SOT, Johannes Dimroth, spokesperson of the Interior Ministry (German): "As I said, I don't have any information that these kinds of allegations can be proved and I have no knowledge of them. The German Bundestag is obviously affected by this incident, in this sense, I ask for the understanding, that we should now inquire and see what knowledge is gained."

SOT, Ulrike Demmer, Spokesperson of the German Government (German): "The German Chancellor doesn't have any intention to comment on these kinds of statements, nevertheless the questions over cyber-attacks and cyber criminality, including Russian, are known. The Chancellor already commented on them in a press conference with the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg."

SOT, Johannes Dimroth, spokesperson of the Interior Ministry (German): "The question about who or what was said in the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper, you should ask the staff there. I can also do it, but I assume that they wouldn't tell me."

SOT, Johannes Dimroth, spokesperson of the Interior Ministry (German): "We have been working on the subject of raising awareness. The Interior Minister and many other representatives of the government have indicated that there is a certain fear that it could influence the upcoming Parliamentarian elections. In fact, I always put a special emphasis that it is not connected to or possible point at any specific country or source of these kinds of actions."

SOT, Johannes Dimroth, spokesperson of the Interior Ministry (German): "There is the possible issue of the interference of foreign power. That's one of the areas in the catalogue of responsibilities of the Protection of the Constitution. But there is also the vast theme 'fake news', whatever that means and that can happen privately in national territory as well as through private persons abroad and through third parties with various interests. It is a broad area which we are talking about here."

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