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Exposing Islam -- Muslims have RIGHTS | ISLAM does NOT

 Islam is a cancer , there are some good Muslims , the trouble is , ultimately they will follow Islam and the radicals ,because they believe their book to be true . A lot of innocent people have been led in this way. I believe that the silent majority in most countries that have committed genocide would not have wanted the atrocities that their leaders committed . Just as the silent majority in present day Europe do not want Islam or the genocide it will bring. Shame on our political leaders for pushing the capitalist agenda above the safety of its people. The U.K. (My country) sells billions of pounds worth of arms to the wahabist Islamic Arabs in Saudi Arabia, why ? For a few jobs ? Short sighted and suicidal in my view. They are not our friends, we trade with them that is all, Once they think they can be successful they will turn on us , that much I am sure of !!!

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