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End Times Headline News - December 2nd, 2016

 What a world we live in. OSU crisis actors exposed yet again. This one they said 'ISIS' took responsibility for. You can see the agenda being pushed.

Its a war on children and its time to fight. The number of kids that go missing each year in the U.S. is 800,000 to 850,000. Does that number seem out of control for a country that only has 350,000,000 people? Using those numbers you figure thats 71,000 kids a month, 2400 a day, or about 90 an hour. When I first saw these numbers I first thought thats ridiculous and would gave to be worldwide. Nope...that is a confirmed U.S. number. Does that make any sense? Only when you see that the satanists are required to eat these kids daily. Its their words not mine.

To have 90 kids disappear an hour shouldnt we have massive investigations into what is happening to our kids?

Yesterday we passed a million abortions. We are killing 3500 babies a day in and out of their mothers wombs and for the older ones we are losing 2400 of them a day.

America, America, America...5900 children a day! On average males have 1.5 gallons of blood a day. A 10 year old has about 1 gallon of blood. Folks we are spilling 6000 gallons of blood a day!

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