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Capitol in Chaos...Trump Danger Rises -- Charles R. Smith

Jeff Rense & Charles R. Smith - Capitol in Chaos...Trump Danger Rises
Clip from December 21, 2016 - guest Charles R. Smith on the Jeff Rense Program.

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  1. heil Hitler looks like so Jeff, how is it that 1939 Germany is no different than 2016 America with trump, it is a planned reality, no different as you yourself affirms. now how does the brainwashing took place is what is stimulating as the red shirts trump are brainwashed as the blue shirts liberal’s democrats. however, that does not answer how you lot got brainwashed and directed as robots. How they entirely divided America on two sides and manipulated them to totally oppose each other’s. Alternative media no longer exist, is just one media, and the media does not answer that question completely?

  2. as you can see israel,is crazy more refugees terorisme, instability, chaos in europe the nation without borders, in conclusion ww3 with trump, and his new way of hitler's 1939 plot and the russian friendship, while creating wars in china and iran. another 1967 review and another 1967 2017 war on the middle east.


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