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BREAKING: Trump Defeats U.N., Global Government Backs Off After 1 Warning He Sent.

 BREAKING: Trump Defeats U.N., Global Gov’t Backs Off After 1 Warning He Sent.

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  1. So-called "Israel" is a FRAUD - there cannot and will not exist a LEGITIMATE state of Israel until the RETURN of Christ. The settlements in Palestinian territory is completely unlawful and is a reckless provocation to the entire Muslim world and anyone that knows what is REALLY going on.

  2. why do you think trump loves israel because he is a doublespeak agent of mossad, he got alex jones to destroy the alternative media and replaced it with breitbart: the alternative media now no longer exist alex jones has become an israeli agent and the coming second 9/11 liberty ship disaster shall be here soon. so you lot of patriots get ready to die for trump and israel and have infowars guide you to the morgue. as sailors of the liberty ship "1967" got guided to their own death by the american and israeli governments.


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