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BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Issued Ultimatum to China! "Do THIS or Else..."

 BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Issued Ultimatum to China! Do THIS or Else...

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  1. The 30-share benchmark index closed trade at 26747.18, up by 52.9 points or by 0.2%, and the NSE Nifty ended at 8261.75, up by 14.9 points or by 0.18%.capitalstars

  2. alex the situation is quite unstable you might get 7 billion folks who no longer want to heard about trump, 1776, 1789, republics, and democracy, elections promises and make america great:, they might just have enough of all this fake real news, and not only trump but the entirety of the congress and the senate, wall street bankers etc: could find himself hung on the nearest tree. things are complex and complicated and once the masses go off, forget it , move to the countryside


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