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We are using the VA News Shooting to teach the public how the media manipulates them with their ignorance as leverage over them. Many still deny that anything on the news can ever be faked, well, this one is for you.

While observing this video, it is important to understand that live rounds do not flare a visible *flash* or flame out of the tip of the barrel of a gun, only blanks do that because they are exposed to the open air to relieve that explosive pressure without a projectile in its way. But with a live round, by the time the projectile exits the barrel the flash from the flare is never seen, this is consistent when a live round is fired with a glock 9mm.

But, most people who have never fired off a real gun before don't know this and compare their reality with Hollywood gun fight scenes, or video games. Also note* look for the casing expelling out of the right side of the gun with each shot in the VA shooting footage... you won't see one single shell fling out.

The evidence speaks for itself.

Youtube has been trying to censor this message we've been pushing out on the lines of it being "too graphic for Youtube's standards", even fake violence is shocking to see in their eyes, it seems. So let it be perfectly clear to Youtube that this video serves as an educational model to debunk the false claims and highlight the fact that clear evidence is in plain sight that BLANK ROUNDS were undoubtedly used in the VA News Shooting hoax, and nobody was killed or harmed in the making of this controversial video.


It is ok to admit that you are being lied to, but it is not ok to be relieved of your ignorance with videos like this one and yet STILL choose to side with the lie and buy all of their lies time and time again and mindlessly fall for every media stunt they throw at you, defend it like it is the truth, and separate from your own sense of logic, reality, and common sense... all for the sake of staying on the safe side with these lying, controlling, cowardly, and malicious individuals stringing our media and enforcing their agendas! Anonymous will NOT allow them to manipulate the public in this way without exposing them! We will not be deceived, and we will NOT be censored!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Mainstream media, EXPECT US!

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