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Anonymous A message To The American People

To the Collective and all the affiliates if Justice and Truth, we the people shall set a new standard, that is telling the truth foremost, sharing the Collective data that has been denied to you by media reports, or political sabotage for there own gain. We hear to the people now, and always, we do not set anyone to stand above there peers, we the people one, United, definite, and without unjust cause seek to help you, help society from falling into the bowels of despair. Bring your voice, bring your knowledge, speak because we know you been denied that, speak and share the truth, all we have is ourselves and our wants of freedom, join hands, help one another, don't the mental programming shut you off, turn off the TV, think for yourself, gain interests, know what's going on in the world around you, maybe you can help, can be said for any listening. Everyone's a single army unto themselves, the act of war is for the ignorant and stupid, don't let them draw you into it when you don't even know what your fighting for, but love our troops for what they were to represent, bring the police to being civil servants, not law enforcement,You have seen everything this new world order can do, it's our turn, they say it was for world peace, the world is shattered, we can put it back together, piece by piece, it begins with you, when the world turns less corrupt, and it's people can finally see, global peace will proceed. And we can rebuild the eutopia dream, that every country deserves. Join the global initiative. we are Legion, we may forgive, but we'll never forget. Expect us.

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