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3 Terrorist Acts in one day -- Europe Is Under ATTACK!

Europe Is Under ATTACK! Manhunt Continues as Red Alert Issued!

Update since they let the so called 'Afghan' go they found surprise, surprise, identity documents of a 'Tunisian' in the truck a Tunisian who had not registered properly ! It must be so easy being in anti terror police these guys always leaving passports or ID cards at the scene and they are always 'known' to the Police ! As to the Turkey event that cameraman has balls of steel not a flinch not a frame out of place standing in front of a guy shooting off 9 rounds in an enclosed space (clean, so white and clean) a true hero of picture journalism. Everything we are sold is fake, everything you ever been taught or told is fake. Gravity is even not as sold that is how fake everything is.

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  1. the solution is de gaulle french president 1967, and he wants 1967 borders for israel, end of $ toilet paper, return to gold standards, end of nato otan, an international status for jerusalem, and end of $ as global reserve currency, any other solution is more terrorism fake news exploitation and wars. and that will not change no matter who runs the world. you see alex there is no other solution and it will not be any other solution is a set deal, 1967 borders for israel are not negotiable.


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