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2016: Year In Review with Stefan Molyneux

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  1. well at last you are perceiving the aipac holy roman empire intentions, since 1913, don’t forget 1917, and 1947, more of AIPAC dubious plans as today you can confirm as facts.
    Washington cannot be trusted no matter who is president, Kissinger is as well a Trojan horse. Keeping Washington away will let Russia help the world to reach peace and prosperity as long Washington is involved chaos and death will be your OJ every morning. Keep trump and Washington away from the worlds affairs and lives will be save.

  2. hillary trump obama bush clinton are all the same no different just their mask, the aipac holy roman empire rules america and it cannot be trusted, reason why TRUMP cannot be trusted no matter what anyone says trump is an aipac minion, so is washington and congress.


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