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2016 is, perhaps, the end of the beginning - David Icke

The whole Earth contains 36.6 Billion Acres of habitable land. 'queenie' to her friends - Liz Saxe-Coburg, head of a crime family, owns 17.93% of this entire habitable mass. The majority of this land was taken violently, using force, genocide and straight-up theft. She still takes taxes from the peasants, so they know their place. The 'king' of Saudi Arabia, the dictator, where raped women are stoned to death, opponents are beheaded, and gay men hung comes in second. In third place is the holy roman emperor, with 177+ million acres. Popey promotes the words of a simple carpenter who drank from a wooden cup, and spoke from the heart about love for others, morality and peace. Popey does this through a global network of tax-free, gold encrusted temples, which collect taxes directly from followers, and that also hide the deeds of 'holy' peadophiles, who prey upon the children of these same followers. Sadly, the Rabbis are left with control of international banking and Babylonian money magic, although they have been promised 2,800 personal slaves each, from the others listed above when their loving god-incarnate returns. This world is nuts.

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