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 On the face of it the odds are actually higher than either of the other answers are suggesting. After all, the US has had 43 (different) presidents and 4 of them have been assassinated. I think around 10% is a higher figure than either Lee or Robert is thinking.

And it's not like people haven't tried to kill some of the others. Wiki lists attempts on another 16 Presidents...

List of United States presidential assassination attempts and plots

...some of which were reasonably close to being successful. Reagan was actually shot and George W Bush had a grenade thrown at him that didn't go off.

You might argue that the Secret Service is better resourced and more capable these days (relative to the potential threat) and point out that it's now been more than 50 years since a successful attempt. I'm probably inclined to agree with this, if only because I don't imagine security was up to much in the 19th century.

You would probably point out that 3 of the 4 presidential assassinations occurred more than a century ago and aren't particularly relevant now. I'd agree.

You might think that counterbalancing this is Donald Trump's propensity to say truly offensive things. I don't think that matters as much as people would expect. Every president is going to have enemies but assassination attempts are so rare (compared with the number of people who feel wronged) that I suspect randomness trumps everything else. Offending Muslims doesn't necessarily make you a target to be killed.

In summary. Not impossible - high profile assassinations do happen, even of very well protected people. But not likely.
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