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Stefan Molyneux Why The Left Tells Donald Trump To Pardon Obama & Clinton

The 15$ per hour, 401k contributions and the benefits offered on Craig's List to protest against Trump is not helping to calm things down. These people should be prosecuted fully and George Soros should be on the top 10's most wanted.

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  1. not quite a victory more a second steep to total collapse A) trump voters are 27% of the population that voted which are 51% of voters 49 % did not vote in fact half of the nation did not vote at all. b) Hillary votes are 25% of the 51 % of voters. in short the silent majority is 140 million folks. this is a recipe for a MAX; MAX world. therefore, Trump with the help of Alex jones was unable to save the so called democratic voting system, people no longer believe any longer on selecting a candidate, now they want to choose who they want as president. which means the party system is on the process of collapsing. trump becomes an illegitimate president and the whole system is now in question.!!!


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