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 Marshall law is coming

Obama can stay longer as President of USA if God wishes to punish him and wicked America to their downfall since Obama led many people astray from God from gay, lesbian, transgender, divided people through rioting, theft, arson, violence, hate, and other negative behaviors, Obama not following Scriptures and getting more people to go against God, we see rise of Satan classes or activities in public schools, and more. God can certainly keep President Obama longer in order to punish and shame him and wicked people in America. From now until January see what God does. If Obama stays longer as President know that God has him as a target for his downfall. Just because Trump wins on becoming the next President DOES NOT mean God wants him to be President, but rather he may keep Obama in the Oval Office to punish him for all the wrong that he done because God knows, hears, and see everything that Obama does; nothing is a secret to God.

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