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John Pilger World War III Is Already Under Way

John Pilger World War III Is Already Under Way

those who 'obey orders' (cops and military) are the worst people on earth.

In a nutshell, our Republic has been usurped by globalists who want all the world reduced to helpless chaos in need of a world government. America is the pinnacle achievement of our greatest thinkers. Socialism is the opposite of a free society. The people own nothing. When you have no right to own property, you have no rights. Btw, the puppet masters masquerading as our government, are the Zionist banker trillionaires who also own the MS Media.

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  1. wake up men forget this disney show of liberty fascism is the coming trend in america mix with a police state. so get ready and forget all this sf of liberty wake up you are worse than yesterday the climate is a real new world order that now not even alex jones is abel to distinguish.


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