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Jim Rickards Discussing the Elite Agenda & 2016 Election

We're always excited to get the biggest name in alternative investing news, Mr. James G. Rickards, and this time comes most opportune with the election around the corner. Jim gives his stunning prediction for a Trump victory and subsequent unavoidable world fiat currency crisis where the elite's agenda will be to implement the IMF SDR as the new world reserve currency. Don't miss this time sensitive info and how to protect yourself (gold to $10,000!) from it!

01:30 Elite want Hillary as President
03:20 Trump is not an Insider, he's a wildcard
04:30 Trump to win by close election
05:20 US vs Russia geopolitics, WW3?
07:40 Jim's new book Road to Ruin, dire?
08:30 Federal Reserve Manipulation Recent History
11:40 Next crisis, central banks need IMF Bailout
12:30 Dollar will become local only currency
13:00 IMF SDR world currency history
16:00 Yuan in SDR to win China's cooperation
19:00 Crash of all crashes...martial law
22:10 Profit from the crisis, Gold $10,000
27:10 Mining shares investment advice

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