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How China Rules the World - Full Documentary 2016 NEW

 If the nations of the Occident simply provided attractive incentives for their native firms to maintain their operations within the borders of said nations, by helping them automate their factories to the highest level possible while employing minimal staff; Reduced corporate tax rates; Abolished Feminism and all manner of Marxist ideologies, whose function is really only to breakdown the family unit and spirit of the native populace of any nation in which they steer the social narrative; Abolished No-fault divorce; Disavowed themselves of multiculturalism; revamped their immigration policies to restrict immigration to limited quotas and the most attractive applicants; instituted massive, comprehensive programs to encourage couples (especially high IQ ones) to reproduce; protracted social benefits, which would simultaneously reduce dysgenic breeding and increase each citisen's stake in society; absolved themselves of central private banks; and created public schools catered towards their most gifted students, instead of a one size fits all model, they wouldn't necessarily be eclipsed by China, in spite of their massive workforce. The west has been slowly murdering itself since 1914...It never had to be this way. Decline is very much a choice.

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