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Globalist Will Attack Trump With Economic Collapse

The people on the street don't understand. The ruling class wants civil war in the US. It's an act. There's not a billionaire on this planet who gives a rats ass about us people on the street. But the show is over, and reality will be revealed soon. Trump is already backtracking on his campaign promises, but the anger in the street will not go away. Then the state can become more militarized and the surveillance state intensified. Trump is an insider, just like all of the 'candidates'.

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  1. Every time I hear someone mention her name, I PUKE. Maybe we who hate her need some coddling, play doh and crying because she's still alive!! Maybe we should riot in the streets and beat up everyone who "supports" her for the soros money. UNITE AND FIGHT - BACK - OR LOSE.


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