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Ex-Mossad Head: Israel in Alliance With Al-Qaeda

 Former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy basically admits that Israel is in a de facto alliance with Al-Qaeda (Nusra Front) in Syria, which is why the Israeli military is treating wounded al-Qaeda fighters in its hospitals. He then says that Israel would refuse to treat Hezbollah fighters in its hospitals because Hezbollah is genuinely an opponent of Israel whereas Al-Qaeda, he says, has never once attacked Israel.

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  1. what is a president? what can he do? what power does congress has on the president, what is a puppet president? has there ever being a real president in america after john f kennedy ! i think no, not at all, america is gone beyond repair however the brainwashing is worse than before indeed this election is an extreme of methods, on one end a super repression and on the other an immense hope, the conclusion depends on how people reflect, but brainwashing has destroyed that and the alternative media is divided. on this context is the circumstances that rule the scene.


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