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End Times Headline News - November 6th, 2016

 I will never understand how Hillary Clinton could ever become president. With the latest leaks showing them having hot tub partys with "almost 7" year old girls, satanic voodoo sessions, and them calling in clean and unclean spirits. The only way possible for Hillary to win is if they cheat or if more than half of America has checked out. Surely the Americans will have to be fully scammed or fully incoherent for a sold out demon possessed witched to make it. Perhaps we have fallen into the Hegelian Dialectic and both roads lead to the same master.

The one thing we can be sure of is that without prayer and fasting, continued judgement will be upon America. I call on you all to tear up your knees and talking to our creator. Our futures, our childrens futures, and our country are at stake. Now is the time to pray. Pray that Gods will is done and He comes back to our country.

And most of ye ready...

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