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Anonymous - Message to Trump: For The Sake Of World Peace

I remember a time when young people Rebelled against the Big System and the Big Government. In only a few generations, between a complicit Education System and Mass Media the youth have been used like a cheap Whore to fight to the death for the same system we fought against not long ago. We need to take back Pop Culture and permeate the Media with Small Government, US Constitution loving young people in order to thwart the One World Government BS

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  1. dear friends the trump global sitcom has totally change global perception governments no longer exist and those that do rule are now totally hiding this is a reset of 1913. speed up in 2016. in fact a brave new world were people consent their own enslavement how the globalist achieved that with the trump hollywood film is amazing as not only trump is now a puppet but 80% of world governments are now under the same thumb . the alternative media divided is on the process of disappearing and journalism no longer cares what they print. the establishment is now a paperclip affair. an invisible world government. welcome to animal farm version 21 century.


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