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With “The World in 2017” cover, The Economist Magazine demonstrates its occult nature, while revealing the elite’s perspective for the upcoming year, on what they are now calling “Planet Trump.”

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

For the past several years, decoding the annual cover of The Economist Magazine has become a curious prognostication tool for the alternative media. These strange enigmatic covers are perceived as rare glimpses into the mindset of the elite, their secret plans, their symbolic communication of future events.

This is becoming an annual event for conspiracy analysts & researchers of the occult on a par with ComiCon for the Sci-Fi fans. (Source)

For information on past covers, see the following: The Economist 2015 Cover is Filled With Cryptic Symbols and Dire Predictions and Were the Paris Attacks Predicted on the January Cover of The Economist? and The Economist Magazine 2016 Front Cover: What does it mean? and Secrets Of The Rothschild “The World In 2016” Economist Cover DECODED! and, of course, many Youtube videos.

The Economist belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The remaining 50% is held by private investors including the editors and staff. The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors.

The Economist takes an editorial stance of classical and economic liberalism which is supportive of free trade, globalisation, free immigration and cultural liberalism. The Economist generally supports free trade, globalisation, and free immigration.

The Economist‘s mission statement … to take part in ‘a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.’

Is is possible that The Economist plants false information in their cover art to send us on a wild goose chase? Yes, certainly.

However, we also know that the occult elite are always telegraphing their secret intentions in their media because they have to, because it is part of a Cosmic Contract, gaining our subconscious agreement to permit them to manifest their will on Earth. For example, see evidence of how throughly they telegraphed 9/11 decades before it happened – Hints About 9/11 in the Media Since 1975. The Simpsons also predicted the Presidency of Donald Trump, in 2000.

For 2017, The Economist departs from their typical cartoon-montage of geo-political images, with elite politicians depicted either in color or black & white, perhaps suggesting illuminati membership, and instead presents us with Tarot cards! It doesn’t get much more esoteric than that! And the cover displays a very savvy understanding of Tarot cards – not quite what you would expect from a PR stunt.

What’s more, all of the cards depicted are Major Arcana cards, which means “greater secret knowledge,” also know as “Trump cards.” Is this a coincidence, or perhaps a play on words? Is Donald Trump their Trump card?

Benjamin Fulford posted a link to the new cover (full size) and offered a layman’s interpretation, yet I doubt Fulford is fluent in the meaning of the Tarot.

I do not claim to be an expert myself, however I have studied the cards in the past, and I’m familiar with their esoteric meaning. (See my post Season of the Serpent: A Hero’s Journey.) The Tarot is useful in understanding the archetypal journey of the incarnated soul though the process of spiritual enlightenment and freedom from the wheel of Karma. The traditional use of the cards is quite positive, however, as with all things esoteric, the occult elite have likely twisted the cards to their own dark spiritual agenda. There are many different decks and styles of Tarot cards, not just the traditional Rider Waite deck. For that reason I’m going to research and reference Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, because the occult elite seem to worship Crowley’s work

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