Monday, October 31, 2016

Urgent News: Must See, Eye Opening - Countdown 2016 Elections and Bible Prophecy

there are two with 2 different visions 2 different Americas. one who wants to destroy what is already being started thru ungodly policies. she think Roe v. Wade is settled law. How about 60 million of sacrificed unborn babies. The other approach is expansive, where the Supreme Court is seen as the voice and conscience of contemporary society. This is the vision of many on the modern political left, who believe judges should play particular role in solving society's problems. And if one more leftist problem solver had been on the bench, many more Christian business owners would be paying crippling fines (or closing) in order to follow their religious beliefs (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby), babies would be dying by partial-birth abortion. we gave to go higher in look in the Spirit. this Gospel of the new kingdom has to be declare. proclaim the Gospel.

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