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The Entire World Needs To Hear This , Important Message For The World From Woody Harrelson

It all "sounds great" Woody, BUT, there's one BIG problem. This is NOT a democracy IT IS A REPUBLIC! Mob rules in a democracy, majority rules with NO guidelines! Where as a Republic has standards that go back to the Magda-Carita AND true 'common law' freedom! The Constitution is The Law of The Land & common law. We simply need to get rid of the EVIL 'corporate law' that has over run our courts & the nation! Admiralty Maritime law is "the best system from the sea NOT THE LAND! Slave laws! Bill 666 is NOT to free the slaves BUT to make ALL men slaves! The "Act of 1666" goes with this! ALL CAPITALS NAME means you are a DEAD entity a corporate fiction! Because "in law' this way 'they can own you and kill you! All by Rome and The Vatican because the pope controls all waters. Well this is the mountain that will & MUST be cast into the sea! ALL popes have been false prophets! Obama is the beast! And YES I would LOVE to see every one grow their own food! Vertical gardening earth-ship design in EVERY BUILDING is doable! Monsanto should hang for their crimes against humanity!

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