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 Global internet outages continue as second wave of cyber attack cripples web servers
After cyber assault KOs Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, second attack reported
The Coming War with Russia

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  1. Health care under Homeland security a week ago..we found our Medicare cyber files sabotaged.. Since the COUP OF 2002 GOVT SYSTEMS OWNED BY CONTRACTORS AND NO BUDGET FROM CONGRESS TO AUDIT AND MAJOR THEFTS GONE ON AND WHY THEY WERE NEVER DESIGNED AS PAID FOR BY TAXPAYER FOR ONGOING THEFTS TO OCCUR.. Have some of your basic medical records on you and names of your own doctor and fax number... just in case. The national data base has never been protected since set up in 1999 as owned by Group health of Ny and its now has everyone's medicals in it and never been protected and a deadly mess. I have 4 other patients co mingled in mine and no way to correct it. congress has known of this since a 2007 congressional study on wrongful death malpractice suits and that only captures the worse errors by doctors using it as they have to now.. and the whole govt is like this SSA denied access to check their systems and we know its been hacked and info altered and any man getting benefits should call and ask if any fake children have been added.. its occurred in the past from inside but now no one can audit to find out.. ssa wrote to Congress in 2/14 asking for law tob changed to audit and no answer to date. Linda Joy Adams


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