BREAKING WIKILEAKS: 'Who Fed Hacked Hillary Emails' to ASSANGE. 33K Deleted Revealed Nov 1.

 BREAKING WIKILEAKS SHOCK: This is Who Fed Hacked Hillary Emails to JULIAN ASSANGE. Anonymous! And they clam that they have all of Hillary CLinton's "DELETED" 33,000 emails and will release them ALL by NOV 1st! Anonymous also was explicite to explain that THEY ARE NOT RUSSAINS !
- SHOCKING NEWS: The hackers supplying Wikileaks were Anonymous and Anon claims to have ALL OF HILLARY's 33k deleted emails and that they will release them by Nov 1.
Hillary together with Obama, was planning WW3 with Russia to forego criminal charges!
- ‘Assange Steps Forward To Deliver Final Blow To The Clinton Campaign’ after FBI Reopens Hillery's Case.

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