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Alex JonesShow (VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday 10/12/16: Clinton's 'Son' Danney Williams

 -- Date: October 12, 2016 --
Today on The Alex Jones Show
On this Wednesday, Oct. 12 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Danney Williams, the Arkansas man who claims to be the abandoned son of former President Bill Clinton, steps forward to conduct his first TV interview live on Infowars, after CNN orders a blackout on news related to the allegations. We'll also break down new Wikileaks Podesta email revelations, Trump's pivot away from the establishment GOP and increased tensions with Russia over Syria and the US elections. On today's show, we'll also continue documenting the Bill Clinton Rape protest phenomenon sweeping the nation. You don't want to miss this broadcast. Tune in at from 11AM to 3PM CT.

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