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 Indulge me for a moment. What if one of your relatives, spouse,child, or even you innocently absorbed the shrapnel from one of the bombs detonated in Manhattan Saturday night or had just taken a knife to the head in a mall in St. Cloud Minnesota? Who would you hold accountable? The radicalized black lives matter supporting Afghanistan born suspect Ahmed Khan Rahami? Or the Kenyan born Dahir A. Adan, a radical psychopath we are supposed to accept as a lone wolf? Or Is it Donald Trump because he is the only one cutting through the Progressive B. A display of honesty the PC culture has zero ability to accept after years of brainwashing to their own peril?

Or are the true culprits sitting comfortably with no fear of persecution, many of them equally as untouchable as Hillary Clinton.Pushing the narrative of the crisis and normalization of the jihadist invasion of these United States in the halls of the United Nations in New York City?
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  1. the UN does not exist is a CIA-MOSSAD TOOL it collapsed in 1967, after the Israeli war and today is just junk. same as the BCE. and the FED JUNK. throw it out. china Russia Iran all agreed the UN is junk a freak show. the day Israel return to the 1967 borders that day the UN will become credible until that day; they are just junk trash lies corruption terrorism .


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