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Dollar Collapse & WW3 Obama vs Putin New Video

Stock-market crash of 2016: The countdown begins It’s time to start the countdown to the crash of 2016. No, this is not a prediction of a minor correction. Plan on a 50% crash.Most investors don’t want to hear the countdown, will tune out. Basic psychology. They’ll keep charging ahead with a bullish battle cry, about how the Nasdaq will keep climbing relentlessly to a new record above 5,048 ... smiling as they remember reading that a whopping 73 companies are now in the Wall Street Journal’s Billion ). Hearts race even faster reading in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that n Yes, technology IPOs are in the lead, and with all that good hear the warnings, countdown to the 2016 crash.But the crash of 2016 really is coming. of 2016. But a crash is a sure bet, it’s guaranteed certain: Complete with echoes of the 2008 crash, which impacted on the GOP election results, triggering a 10 trillion loss of market cap .. like the 1999 dot-com collapse, it’s post-millennium loss of $8 trillion market cap, plus a 30-month recession ... moreover a lot like the 1929 crash and the long depression that followed.The rising US dollar is hurting the revenue and earnings of multi-national companies. Until recently, multinational companies have enjoyed a slow and steadily declining dollar from its Accord highs. This decline boosted the translated earnings of multi-national companies. As the dollar index breaks above 100 , multinational companies, which are already struggling to make earnings from a slowing global economy, are going to have to grapple with the effects of an even more unfavorable currency translation.In the long-term, a rising US dollar is great for America. However, it in the short-term it will not only negatively affect earnings, but also place extreme duress on the over $9 trillion worth of debt borrowed by non-financial companies outside of the United States.
Iran sanctions to be lifted Saturday
• Recent data confirms that the US is currently in a manufacturing marked the fifth straight month this index was in decline.Dollar No Longer Reserve Currency,
• for November signaling contraction.
fractional increase from last month’s 6, signaling a decline in activity and registering close to the lowest levels since 2009.points to 3 from last month’s. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank the first multilateral financial institution launched by China, will open for business on.
AIIB The new lending institution’s inauguration ceremony will be held in Beijing.The bank was formally established at the end of 2015 with 57 countries agreeing to be members, 19 of which are Asian. The first batch of loans is expected to be approved by the middle of this year, reported People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the.The AIIBs mandate will be to fund projects both inside and outside of Asian countries will billion to invest in infrastructure construction every year, according to data from the Asian Development Bank. However, current international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the ADB will have a hard time meeting the huge demand for infrastructure investment, said the paper.In an exclusive interview Foundation, said that Indonesia is in urgent need of a partner such as the AIIB, and he believes the AIIB will contribute heavily to new construction 

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  1. Since 1990 Iraq war and today the same Iraq war. Jill 2016, is the only choice for peace, to cut the rope of continuity. of wars and wars. How and why it does not matter, just the complexity of reality makes her the only choice for stability peace and sensibility. This way Russia and America will at last become friends. Any other choice will bring chaos and destruction. Strange as it appears it is the only choice. The unknown is the chosen one.


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