Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia (August 20, 2016) Trump Live Speech

 Watch Live: Donald Trump Rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia at Fredericksburg Expo Center (August 20, 2016) - Full Speech: Donald Trump Fredericksburg Virginia Speech - Donald Trump Rally Speech, Event Campaign, Live event in FREDERICKSBURG, VA

Donald J. Trump will be holding a rally at the Fredericksburg Expo Center

- SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2016 -

Donald J. Trump
Fredericksburg Expo Center
6:00 PM

Doors open at 3:00 PM

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia - Donald Trump Virginia Speech

Donald Trump Donald Trump Virginia Speech Rally

LIVE Donald Trump Fredericksburg Virginia Rally FULL SPEECH HD Fredericksburg

Donald Trump Speech in Fredericksburg FULL Donald Trump Rally in Fredericksburg Virginia

Donald Trump Holds Rally in Fredericksburg speech

Donald Trump Virginia Rally

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