Strange Events Taking Place Worldwide!!! See The Signs Of The Times!!

So Much Is Happening!!! Here are some of the major events taking place this week: Just today, Ireland conducted their annual Orengeday Parade, also known as The Twelfth. Celebrations included bonfires, large parades, marching bands, and revelry. Such revelry is also taking place in Spain — with the San Fermin Festival held in Pamplona, Spain. Taking place from July 6th thru July 14th, 2016, this festival features “running with the bulls,” red handkerchiefs, and a ton of eating and drinking. More than a million visitors and foreigners alike are expected to attend the annual event. Speaking of annual events, Tomorrowland is set to take place from July 22nd thru July 24th, 2016. This event will feature music worldwide, and will also call for countries such as Belgium, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, and South Africa in their UNITE Campaign. And they’re not the only ones looking to “UNITE” the world together. Because on Saturday, July 16th, 2016, Washington DC’s National Mall will be hosting Reset 2016, also known as Together 2016. Organized by Nick Hall, founder of PULSE, this event will look to unite all faiths and religions together — with the Pope set to deliver a video message per the event. Not to mention the life-size Noah’s Ark constructed in Kentucky — its grand opening just this month (around the Same Time as the Dallas incident). And all of the weather phenomena that we’ve been seeing as well. What Time Is It REALLY?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! SEE THE WARNING SIGNS AHEAD OF TIME! AND KNOW THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES!!!

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