Negative Interest Rates Alert -- UK Banks to Charge money for Deposits

UK banks considering charging prudent businesses for holding cash (26July16)

Baanker shysters RBS and Natwest are threatening UKs businesses that they will charge the businesses for holing their money while in credit. Banks like about low interest rates, while they take the Banks of England's free money and play with it, AND charging high interest on credit cards and mortgages. All part of the bank of England and others plan to steal more from prudent savers, make then beholden to the state and banks, pushing for the New World Order's plan for a cashless society - the state's ultimate control over your live - at a press of a button become a nobody. The banksters and politicians have been laughing at people for over 8 years since the start of their crime wave in 2007/2008. Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, BBC Business Live, 26 July 2016.

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