Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hillary Cannot Possibly Win -- Bill Still

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on politics. Look at this picture. Do you know what this is? This is the Hillary Clinton rally in Johnstown, PA yesterday. My rough count of the audience is that there are 34 people on the left side of an audience we assume has an equal number of chairs on both sides. That would mean there were 68 people in attendance, plus the person who took the picture makes 69. Looks like when you subtract those Bernie Sanders voters there’s not much left of the Clinton faithful. They must have forgotten to put up a Craig’s List ad for $50-per- day seat-fillers. Clinton, who is taking a bus tour around Pennsylvania and Ohio had to cancel the previous event in Cleveland originally slated for Friday night. Their excuse? Scheduling issues. Yeah like not enough people had signed up to prevent the embarrassing picture that they got the following night in Youngstown. Democrat donors, this is what you are paying hundreds of millions of dollars for to contend with the unstoppable force of an angry Creator. When I see signs this strong blocking my progress, I would tread very lightly from here on and would seriously consider an immediate about face. I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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  1. trum and hillary are the same wake up :forget trumps let's make america gay again, you have orlando massacre as a tangible result and the lgbt new us spy force, so vote jill 2016, and let the people be vote jill folks and liberate yourself from the TRUMP@HILLARY.AIPAC which is republicans@democrats.AIPAC, your ruler and master since 1913. remember divide to conquer well that is AIPAC they have trump @hillary to divide and the .AIPAC is the master your master.


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